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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pinterest Boards to Follow and a great source of inspiration

21 Must-Follow Pinterest Users – Mashable offers a lovely of  list who to follow, but I think that who you follow on Pinterest is going to depend on your interests.

Pinterest Top Five Most Repinned Items - The coolest of the coolest, 52,925 repins and counting.
Social Media Lessons, Road Trips, Family Travel, Storybook Travel, In the Garden, Photography Lessons, It’s Funny, and many more – including collaborative boards like: Family Travel Inspiration and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Kelby Carr on Pinterest – Kelby, founder of Type A Parent and author of the upcoming “Pinterest for Dummies” book which will be published by Wiley late 2012, plays show and tell with her boards.
And that’s what Pinterest is all about, after all. Show and Tell. Who do you recommend following on Pinterest? Or which boards?

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, a great place to share your favourite photos, products, designs and more. The site, founded last year, is still invite-only and yet has racked up over 4 million active users, according to its Facebook page. All of this with only 7 team members to its name

Pinterest’s success has made for a great community of people sharing some fascinating and gorgeous things. We’ve put together a list of suggestions, so if you’re just getting started with Pinterest, or are looking for some new users to follow – these 10 Pinterest members are doing some pretty cool things with their accounts. And if you’re still waiting for your Pinterest invite, you can still keep up with these users and more by subscribing to their RSS feeds.

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