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Monday, January 9, 2012

Ten Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Baby

Ten Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Baby.

1. Promote Listening Skills

2. Increase the Number of Vocabulary   Words Babies Hear

3. Develop Attention Span and Memory

4. Help Babies Learn Uncommon words

5. Help Babies Learn to Understand the Meanings of Words

6. Help Babies Learn Concepts about Print

7. Help Babies learn to Get Information from Illustrations

8. Promote Bonding and Calmness for Both Baby and Parent

9. Stimulate the Imagination and All the Senses

10. Instill the Love of Books and Learning

 Eight Baby Read-Aloud Basics.

1. Newborns Need a Quiet Reading Environment

2. Newborns Are Comforted by the Sound of Your Voice

3. Hold and Cuddle Your Baby When You Read

4. When Choosing a Book, Allow Your Baby to Be Your Guide

5. Start Reading at Any Page

6. You don't Have to Read All of the Words in the Book

7. Repeated Readings are Good for Baby's Language Development

8. Use "parentese" When Reading and Talking to Your Baby

When speaking or reading to babies.

Position their faces close to baby's face (eight inches for newborns)
Use shorter utterances
Speak in an exaggerated melodious tone
Articulate clearly
Vary and raise their pitch (as much as an octave)
Frequently use repetition
Use exaggerated facial expressions (eye contact, raising eyebrows, big smiles)
Move their bodies rhythmically
Lengthen vowels (sooooo cuuuuute)
Use shorter sentences
Use longer pauses
Put unfamiliar words on ends of sentences for stress
Give positive feedback and loving attention (in response to babble)

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