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Sunday, January 29, 2012

15 Things to be kept out of the Reach of Your Child for Home Safety

How safe are your children in your home? Safety is an important part of raising children in a loving and nurturing home. Knowing that they are safe when they walk into the doors of your home can give you peace of mind.  Below are 15 things that should be kept out of the reach of your child. Read over this list to see if there is something that you have missed in making your home as safe as it possibly can be. 
  • Medications. This is a no brainer! Regardless, countless parents still leave their medications lying around for little hands to get a hold of.  Make sure that all medication is out of the reach of your child.  This may mean locking up a cabinet or putting them in the top of your closet.
  • Firearms. Guns are not toys.  Guns should be stores in a lock gun cabinet. This includes what seem to be harmless guns such as pellet guns.  Pellets may not kill, but they can certainly put an eye out.
  • Cleaning products Kids love to mimic mom and get busy cleaning.  Unfortunately, this can have a devastating impact on a child’s health if he or she is to get a hold of the cleaning products.  Keep all cleaning products out of the reach of your children.  Don’t store them away under the sink!
  • Knives or other sharp objects. Kitchen knives are often reported as one of the top household products that cause injury to children. Where are the knives that you use to cook dinner located? Keeping them in a drawer is very dangerous. Choose to relocate them to a safer place such as a high cabinet or far enough in a corner on the countertop that you child cannot reach them.
  •  Electrical outlets. How many times were you tempted to find out what was going on in those electrical outlets? Your little ones will be just as curious.  Be sure to make sure the electrical outlets in your home are covered to help protect your children from electrical shock.
  • Breakable vases. Vases, or anything breakable for that matter, should be kept out of the reach of children.  Broken glass causes many unthinkable injuries each year.  That pretty vase you have sitting on your coffee table may just be an accident waiting to happen.
  • Cords from blinds. This is an old one in the book but still needs to be taken seriously.  Cords from blinds should be placed up high.  You don’t want to give your little one a change to get the string wrapped around his or her neck. 
  •  Necklaces.  Similarly, necklaces can also pose a risk to your child. Keep long necklaces out of the reach your child.  Make sure that your child doesn’t wear necklaces to bed to avoid a potential choking hazard.
  • Marbles or other small objectsMarbles can be fun for your child to play with. Unfortunately, they almost always make it to the mouth.  Keep marbles out of the reach of young children
  • Handles from pots on the stoveWhen you are cooking, play close attention to the handles on your pots.  Place them out of sight so that young children won’t attempt to pull them down.
  • Watch batteries. Discard of old watch batteries. Swallowing these can cause serious harm to children.
  • Children’s vitamins.  Vitamins are medication. Keep these out of the reach of your children.  Children often view them as candy.
  • Fluoride tooth paste.  Children like to eat tooth paste. This can be dangerous to their health as well.
  • Burning candles Children are highly interested in candles!  Keep burning candles out of the reach of children. 
  •  Plastic bagsBe sure to discard of or put all plastic bags up high where you children can’t reach them. Suffocation is real and happens all too often with plastic bags. 
Use the list above to help make sure that you children are safe.  Keeping these items up high and out of reach of your children may just help save their lives.  Have peace of mind knowing that these things are far enough out of reach to keep your child safe. Did we leave anything off the list? Feel free to leave your ideas in the comment section!

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  1. Yikes! Well, I certainly hope none of these will ever be left near children. But I understand that sometimes we need to send out reminders.

  2. Yes it is sad that someone would need reminding of these things, isn't it? But some do.....

  3. That's a pretty good list. My little one will be 2 on Sat and she is curious and wanting to get into everything! I keep all my cleaning products on the top shelf in the laundry room. And I'm always having to remind myself about the pan handles while cooking.

    Anyway, I'm returning your "visit" from Tuesday Friend and Follow. :-) Nice blog. I will follow on GFC and Twitter.

  4. Thanks so much for posting this! And, a big hug for the review on Alexa! I was so excited to see it!


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