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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Painted Kitchen Chalkboard Door

A few years back I did something similar but it was a whole wall in the basement the kids and their  friends loved it. I found this tonight @ and wanted to share it. 

I am in love with my kitchen chalkboard door and so glad we decided to do it! The door in our kitchen goes to our garage, so it was a very heavy and plain door right in the middle of the kitchen. You can see the door through the entryway from the diningroom too so that plain, boring door just had to go.
We removed the door from the hinges and took it outside to paint it. We first primed it with Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primer and let dry overnight.
The chalkboard paint we used was the Rust-Oleum brand in the classic black chalkboard color. We bout a quarter of a gallon and used a paint roller for the door, which is ideal for getting a perfectly smooth surface. Since it was such a dark color it took three coats but we still didn't use up the entire quarter of a gallon. We were only painting one side of the door, by the way.
Once it was completely dried (we waited a full 72 hours just to be safe and allow it to cure) we rehung the door inside.
The final step that Rust-Oleum suggested was to take a piece of chalk and rub chalk all over the door to "prime" the surface and then wipe it off with a dry rag.
kitchen chalkboard door
The thing I love about it the most is that it has become the message center of our home. The kids draw and write on it while I'm cooking. We have put up funny family quotes, inspirational quotes and of course grocery lists. I never expected to use it as much as we are, I can't imagine not having it!

chalkboard paint ideaschalkboard painted door
As I write this, we've had it up and in heavy daily use for two years now and the chalkboard paint has held up perfectly. Every week or so I use a damp rag and wipe it down. My kids love to clean the door just as much as they like to draw pictures on it!
It is a constantly changing display of art and family. I love our kitchen chalkboard door.
Loving your home more with each DIY project!

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