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Friday, January 13, 2012



I just love the way I feel in a cute apron!  I’ve been wearing my Great Grandmother’s vintage aprons around the house and would love a free apron pattern to make some more. So, here are 24 free apron patterns with pictured instructions so you can make one too.  Enjoy!
crafts 24 Free Apron Patterns {Pictured Instructions}

Free Apron Patterns

1. Beautiful Krista Free Apron Pattern - The Krista apron is fun and flirty with an elastic ruched top, cute little side pocket and ruffled bottom. Perfect for the feminine chef!
2.  Soph’s Frilly Apron Tutorial – An Anthropologie inspired ruffled apron, final cost $11.
3. Monogrammed Full Apron - A colorful apron with a darling monogrammed pocket.
4. Creating a Cute Apron with Leftover Fabric – A fun and flirty design and free apron pattern that’s embellished with a fabric flower.
crafts 24 Free Apron Patterns {Pictured Instructions}
5. Sweater Apron Tutorial - A really cool idea!  Simply click on the pictured instructions to learn how to make it.
6.  Full Apron Pattern with Pickets and Fabric Flowers – How to go about making your own custom fit apron.  It’s very easy and only requires the very basics of sewing machine knowledge.
7.  Canvas Apron - A beautifully embellished apron that’s painted on and has fabric flowers.
8. Two minute T-shirt Apron – How to make a quick apron when you know you’re going to get really messy.
crafts 24 Free Apron Patterns {Pictured Instructions}

Half Apron

9. Ruffled Apron from a Hand Towel – Take an ordinary hand towel, and turn it into a stylish apron. Easy to do!
10. Craft Apron out of a pair of old Jeans - A pictured step by step tutorial on how to make a fun craft apron out of jeans.
11. Garden Apron with Pockets - This apron is just perfect for the garden… or for crafting, or a craft fair.  You get the picture.  It’s versatile.
12. Clothespin Apron Tutorial - For those of you who are hanging your laundry out to dry, this tutorial is for you.
crafts 24 Free Apron Patterns {Pictured Instructions}
13. Easy T-shirt Aprons – No matter what you’re style (or your mom’s!)-there is a t-shirt for it. Which means there can be an apron for it, too!  And for some of us…..we need all the help we can get making dinner preparation a little more exciting!
14. How to Make a Pillowcase Apron – A pictured tutorial on how to make a pillowcase into a half apron.
15.  Half Apron with Comfort Ruffles – The ruffles in the ties help the top to stretch, so the apron stays comfortable whether you’re sitting, standing, or constantly getting up and sitting down!
16. Valentine Ruffled Apron - A quick tutorial on how to make this darling half apron with four layers of ruffles.
crafts 24 Free Apron Patterns {Pictured Instructions}

Vintage and Retro Apron Patterns

17. Reversible scalloped apron tutorial - Fancy, flirty aprons are all the rage, and they sell for good money at a lot of stores. But if you can sew, you can make your own, and I’ll show you how.
18. Mostly Vintage Apron Tutorial - A cute half apron embellished with lace.
19. Retro Ric Rac Apron – A darling half apron with ruffles and ric rac embellishment.
20. Alice in Wonderland apron – Vintage pattern Advance 9606 an adorable pinafore apron inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
crafts 24 Free Apron Patterns {Pictured Instructions}

Kids Apron Pattern

21. Michael Miller patterns at Making It Fun has a crazy coolKids Apron Pattern and Chef Hat Tutorial.
22. No Sew Child’s Apron from a Tea Towel - A fun kids apron tutorial that is made out of a towel and perfect for someone who doesn’t have a sewing machine.
23. Dish Towel Kids Apron – A very simple way to make an apron out of a dish towel for any toddler or child.
24. Reversible Children Apron with Fabric Crayon Embellishment Tutorial – What a cool way to capture one of your child’s drawings.
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